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DIM: The Natural Supplement To Combat Hormonal Acne

by Maria Casamatta |

What if we told you that eating your broccoli could help with hormonal acne?

We all know that broccoli is a superfood. It’s loaded with calcium, vitamin C, antioxidants and more. But did you know that broccoli (and other cruciferous vegetables) can help control your hormonal acne? Broccoli contains a compound called Diindolylmethane (DIM) that supports the detoxification of excess estrogen through the liver and blocks the male hormones that cause acne.

First, Let’s Discuss the Role of Hormones on Acne

It’s no coincidence that acne first starts popping up during puberty. At this time, both males and females experience a spike in androgen (male) hormones like testosterone. Testosterone is responsible for regulating sebum (oil) production in the skin. This hormonal spike in testosterone causes a spike in sebum production, which provides the perfect environment for the P. acnes bacteria to grow and colonize. In fact, prescription Accutane controls acne by blocking androgen receptors and stopping sebum production. However, sebum is important in keeping your skin supple and healthy and Accutane has a long list of unfavourable side effects.  

Have You Ever Wondered Why You Break Out RIGHT Before Your Period? 

Your hormones are constantly fluctuating throughout the month, but during the week leading up to your period your progesterone and estrogen levels drop significantly, while your testosterone levels remain constant.

High testosterone + spike in sebum = potential breakout. 

The role of estrogen on acne is still pretty unclear. It’s believed that estrogen mitigates the effects of testosterone by reducing sebum production. But too much estrogen, or “estrogen dominance” can also contribute to hormonal acne.

What is Estrogen Dominance?

We’re constantly exposed to compounds that mimic estrogen in our bodies. Exposure to chlorine, plastics, and foods containing pesticides and growth hormones all lead to the build up of “bad estrogens”. These estrogen mimicking compounds are stored in fat cells and known to cause weight gain particularly around the hips for women (pear shaped) and breasts for men (gynecomastia, “man boobs”). Estrogen dominance can also present itself as varicose veins, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, gallstones, water retention and of course, acne.

That’s Where DIM Can Help

DIM is a powerful metabolizer of estrogen. It gives our body the help it needs to purge “bad estrogen” through the liver. Dim also helps to balance testosterone levels by acting as an androgen blocker. Basically, DIM helps keep your hormones in balance by dealing with both too much estrogen and too much testosterone. 

If you can’t seem to get your hormonal acne under control, DIM could be the solution. 

At Glow, we recommend Skin Accumax by Advanced Nutrition. It's an award winning supplement to treat acne prone and problematic skin for a reason. Our clients (and even ourselves) have had incredible results with Accumax. Along with DIM, it also contains your daily dose of Vitamins A, C and E for optimal skin health. 


Can’t I just eat a bunch of broccoli?

Not unless you can fit 40 heads of broccoli into your daily diet.

Can I mix DIM with birth control/IUD?

DIM will not interfere with your birth control or IUD, as DIM is a natural non-hormonal plant extract that only metabolizes "bad estrogens"

Can I take DIM while pregnant?

As with most things while pregnant, you should avoid DIM or check with your doctor before starting.  


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