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Buccal: The Facial Massage Giving Rise to a Contoured Face

by Maria Casamatta |

You may be familiar with the ASMR instagram videos of Yakov Gershkovich or Danna Omari. Watching the slow rhythmic movements of their facial sculpting massage is enough to relax anyone even from behind the screen! 

If you know Glow, you know that we believe in making the aging process as natural as possible, while still delivering proven and effective results. That’s why we’re so excited to add The Buccal, Contour From Within Facial to the Glow services menu. It is the best natural alternative to improve the contour of the face. Plus, it’s a unique and deeply relaxing experience that we know you’ll love.

What are the Benefits of a Buccal Facial at Glow?

When we massage the face intra-orally, we are able to reach muscles that are unattainable during external massage alone. This not only feels incredible, but deeply working the facial muscles improves blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, tissue nourishment, and overall muscle tone.  

Although Buccal has many benefits, we’ll focus on three:

Lymphatic Drainage - by removing the heavy weight of build up fluids and toxins, the face is naturally lifted.

Sculpting & Contouring - massaging, stretching and relaxing the facial muscles will release the muscle tension that leads to deep wrinkles, nasolabial folds, and expression lines

Vibrant, Glowing Skin - improving blood circulation and oxygenation will create a natural healthy glow (that glow-from-within type of glow)

The Buccal Facial at Glow also includes the perfect mix of modalities such as our signature Glow cleansing massage, exfoliation, LED light therapy and Gua Sha to amplify results (because it wouldn’t be a Glow facial without the Glow touches). 

Is it True that Buccal Can Help with TMJ?

Buccal has been shown to reduce symptoms of TMJ by releasing attachment points along the jaw. With this decrease in tension, muscle spasms and pain are removed and the jaw begins to relax and move more easily. As one client put it “It felt like I could smile easier”.  

Is Buccal the Right Treatment for me? 

Buccal is the right treatment for anyone looking for a natural alternative to invasive anti-aging procedures. It will provide a natural contour of the mouth, jaw and cheek bones, relax tension in the jaw and give you a glow-from-within.

For best results, we recommend a course of 6 treatments spread out biweekly. 

Try pairing this treatment with the FORMA Non-surgical Facelift for the ultimate in lifting and sculpting. 




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