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The Team

The girls

Meet The Girls

We’re dedicated to improving your skin health, helping you feel happier and more confident.


Amanda created Glow with the intention of bringing a deeper understanding of skin health and support to her clients. Amanda and her team focus on their clients evolving needs while cultivating meaningful experiences and effective personalized treatments. 

Amanda's intention is to develop a deep understanding of her clients' goals while creating and implementing a simple and effective skin care regime that contributes to your overall health, sense of well- being and confidence.

With over a decade of practicing advanced skin therapy, studying at the prestigious Institut Biologique Recherche in Paris, France, as well as  training in Los Angeles and some of Australia’s top dermal therapy centres,  Amanda’s dedication to research has allowed her to bridge the gap between cold clinical treatments, and no results fluffy facials. Her innovative treatment plans have grown her following of the models, actors, influencers and skincare enthusiasts who wish to reach their skin health goals. Efficacy without compromise is Amanda’s standard for Glow Dermal Therapy.


Erin has over a decade of experience in the skincare industry. Her expertise lies in her highly therapeutic touch and attention to detail. Erin has been called a detective, piecing together the puzzle of her client’s unique skin concerns. She will always go above and beyond to help her clients reach their skin goals, which is why she's a client favourite for the Glow Signature Facial.

Erin has worked alongside Amanda for many years and has thus developed a very similar treatment style and approach. Many clients see Erin and Amanda interchangeably. 

Erin’s passion for the skincare industry means that she is always improving her knowledge of skincare best practices. Drawing from her own experience with hormonally activated skin conditions, Erin has a particular interest and expertise in pigmentation and complicated skin issues. Her magical touch and maternal care means that you will always be in great hands. It is what keeps her clients coming back. 

Best known for: Glow Signature Facial and Lumecca IPL


If you want to lay back, relax and float into a different time and space then you want to see Hannah. Hannah is known for delivering the most luxurious Biologique Recherche Bespoke Facial. Many say it’s the best facial they’ve ever had! Hannah will give you the space to melt into yourself while using her angelic hands to work and sculpt every inch of your face. Her facials have been compared to a “facial retreat that leaves you fitter, happier, and more glowy!”. 

After working through her own difficult skin challenges, Hannah has developed a vested interest in healing acne. In 2019 Hannah attended advanced holistic skin classes to merge internal and external treatments of the skin. She is deeply satisfied when she can positively impact her clients self confidence. For those who seek complete relaxation combined with a thorough and results driven approach, look no further.

Best known for: Biologique Recherche Facial and Ultimate Oxygen Facial


Bio coming soon...