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Glow Signature Facial


The Glow Signature Facial is designed to take the guesswork out of it for you. As skin experts and consumers, we understand the overwhelming amount of information and options available on the market. We want to simplify it for you. The Glow Signature Facial includes an in depth consultation and review of your current skin care routine, your skin concerns and your goals. You will leave with a Glow prescription card outlining the products and services we believe are best suited for your skin. It’s your best skin, designed by experts. 

Your facial treatment is completely bespoke and determined on the day of your treatment. Whether you need LED Light Therapy, an Oxygen Infusion, extra extractions or a lengthened massage, this facial will cover any and all of your skin needs. Plus all the trademark Glow touches.

Suitable for

All skin types concerned with active acne, acne scarring, aging, texture, wrinkles, dullness, problematic skin and those wanting a complete overhaul of their current skin care regime.




Dependent on the condition of the skin prior to treatment and will be determined after consultation.

Appointment Length

75 minutes

Discomfort Level


Pregnancy Safe?



See FAQs below for additional information

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Glow Signature Facial Options

Glow Signature Facial

The Glow Signature Facial begins with an in depth consultation. Your skin therapist will answer all your burning skin care questions and you will discuss your concerns, goals, and level of commitment. We recommend bringing a photo of your current skin care routine! After the consultation, your facial treatment will begin. 

As this is fully bespoke and determined on the day of your treatment, all Glow Signature Facials will be slightly different. However, it wouldn’t be Glow treatment without all the signature Glow touches including the luxurious massage style cleanse. 

Glow Signature Facial $243

FAQs for Treatment

I’m already a Glow client, is a Glow Signature Facial right for me?

The Glow Signature Facial is recommended for first time clients. It’s a way for us to get to know you and your skin.

It's also a great choice if you're looking for a longer facial or a total revamp of your home care routine.

I have a lot of questions, will there be enough time?

Yes, the Glow Signature Facial is 75 minutes and includes an extended consultation time, so you can pick our brains and we can pick yours!

My teenage child is experiencing acne, I want to get them on the right routine.

The Glow Signature Facial is an excellent choice for young people to learn how to treat their skin from a young age. We all know what it’s like to feel like nothing is helping and wish we had some expert guidance when we were going through it. We love educating everyone on the in’s and outs of skin care.