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Oxygen Facials: Imposters vs. The Real Deal

by Amanda Hlatky |

First of all, what does Oxygen do for skin? 

A celebrity mainstay, the oxygen facial has been a non-negotiable part of many A-lister's event prep and for good reason. Zero downtime and a glow that looks lit from within, delivering oxygen directly into the skin increases cell metabolism, meaning your skin will be visibly hydrated, brighter, toned and less susceptible to breakouts and pigmentation.

Determining Imposters vs. The Real Deal

The catch? Since growing in popularity, the oxygen facial now has many forms and not all are equal. From store bought foaming masks to 30-minute misting facials that don't penetrate the epidermis, it can be hard to tell whether or not you're getting the right treatment.

At Glow, we use Intraceuticals Oxygen Infusion machine. The first to pioneer the oxygen facial and leader in the industry, the Intraceuticals difference is it's not just misting your face with oxygen - it's using a tri-weight hyaluronic layering system to push high-performance skincare ingredients directly into your skin. 

What to Expect

Pleasant and comfortable, an oxygen facial at Glow still feels luxurious while delivering major results. After cleansing, a low-weight molecular structure hyaluronic acid combined with a killer combo of vitamins A, C, E, plus peptides are infused into the skin via medical grade hyperbaric oxygen. This lovely cooling sensation is followed by a medium weight hyaluronic gel and heavy weight hyaluronic cream that is massaged into the skin to seal all that goodness in. 

No two facials at Glow are treated the same and we personalize each treatment to ensure our client's goals are met. From a sculpting lymphatic massage for lift to double exfoliation to get rid of pesky congestion, we tailor your experience from the moment you settle in.

Ready to try it for yourself? Book online or send us an email at We look forward to seeing you in the studio.         

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