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The Mother of All Collagens

by India Daykin |

Introducing a brand-new serum from Biologique Recherche.

Famous for its cutting-edge science and cult-favourite products like Lotion P50T and Masque VivantBiologique Recherche knows a thing or two about how to keep skin looking young. That’s why we’re so excited to introduce the brand's newest serum, Collagene Originel. This game-changing product contains a previously undiscovered form of collagen that Biologique’s chemists used to create a patented, shelf-stable ingredient.

Our skin’s natural collagen production slows as we age, making it less smooth, firm, and plump. Collagene Originel focuses on four types of collagen, the star of the show being Type-0 Collagen. Combined with hero ingredients like botanical silene extract, soybean glycopepties, and green microalgae, Type-0 Collagen promotes the production of collagen types I, III, IV, and VII. Types I and III are the most abundant forms of collagen in the skin, and they increase overall skin density, while types IV and VII improve the dermal-epidermal junction (DEJ), which keeps skin plump and youthful.

Type-0 Collagen is referred to as the “mother of all collagens” because, while it’s a new discovery, it’s actually ancient– it was found under the ocean in a primitive marine planktonic organism that hasn’t evolved in more than 600 million years. Rich in unique amino acids, this specific type of collagen will aid in overall skin health in addition to a youthful appearance. 

Shop Collagene Originel in-clinic or online now. Should you have any questions about how this product should fit into your existing skincare routine, send us an email at


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