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Halo & Heal

by India Daykin |

Are you looking to start fresh this upcoming new year, especially when it comes to your skin? Halo Laser can help you achieve the reset you desire so that you can start 2023 on the brightest, smoothest note possible. 

Halo Laser is the ultimate skin regeneration tool– it targets a wealth of skincare concerns, ranging from sun damage to fine lines and wrinkles to firmness. Unlike traditional ablative lasers, Halo’s innovative hybrid technology means no tradeoff between downtime and effectiveness. You can find a comprehensive Halo Laser treatment guide here.

The Halo and Heal promotion entitles clients to receive over $750 worth of add-ons with the purchase of one Halo session. All the add-ons aid your healing journey and promote resilient, glowing skin post-treatment. 

The add-ons include:

One ClearSilk Laser Session

This non-invasive, zero-downtime laser is the gold standard for creating even-toned skin. This complimentary session is intended to be used approximately one month after your Halo Laser appointment to help remove any residual redness or pigmentation from the healing process. 

MandeliClear Peel ($250)

This professional peel specifically sun damage, scarring, and any concern related to skin pigmentation. 

Osmosis StemFactor Serum ($200)

A growth factor serum that aids the skin’s natural regenerative process to accelerate healing post-treatment. 

Halo Laser can only be booked after a complimentary consultation. Follow this link to book a consult with us.

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