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Introducing the ClearSilk Laser

by Maria Casamatta |

We are so excited to be the first and only clinic in Vancouver to offer the ClearSilk laser!

When deciding which laser treatments to bring to our Glow clientele, we wanted the best available technology to treat our top most reported skin concerns -redness, pores and fine lines. 

What is ClearSilk?

ClearSilk is a non-invasive, non-ablative laser facial treatment that gently and effectively treats redness, rosacea, fine lines, wrinkles, the appearance of large pores and uneven skin texture. ClearSilk is painless, suitable for all skin types and is the perfect pre-event treatment that will restore a youthful, radiant appearance with no downtime. 

Along with providing a youthful radiance, ClearSilk is especially beloved for its ability to treat diffuse redness in the skin such as rosacea, broken capillaries and dilated blood vessels. ClearSilk is the ultimate solution to treating redness in the skin. 

For these reasons, ClearSilk is known as the “pre-wedding facial” that can be done any time of the year. 

What is Diffuse Redness? 

Think “rosy cheeks”. In general, diffuse redness presents itself as a general facial redness that appears most commonly on the cheeks, nose and forehead. It is caused by dilated capillaries and can be due to aging, sun damage, hormonal changes, and alcohol consumption. 

How Does ClearSilk Work? 

ClearSilk works by depositing heat energy deep within the dermis to target multiple chromophores. Chromophores are of great interest in cosmetic laser procedures because they are the part of the molecule that gives it its colour. For example, melanin and hemoglobin both cause discoloration of the skin, melanin causes brown pigmentation and hemoglobin causes redness. Melanin and hemoglobin are both chromophores that can be specifically targeted and heated by the laser, while leaving the surrounding skin unaffected. Put simply, the laser will identify and break down pigmentation without damaging the surrounding tissues, leaving skin tone more even and radiant. 

ClearSilk also causes bulk heating in the dermis which encourages the body’s natural response to clear pigment, reduce vascularity, and improve the overall appearance of tissue by stimulating collagen production. 

Is ClearSilk the Same as Laser Genesis? 

ClearSilk and Laser Genesis are similar treatments that stimulate collagen by bulk heating the dermis. However, ClearSilk’s advanced technology has a built-in temperature sensor which ensures that the skin reaches the required temperature for collagen synthesis (42-44 degrees). Giving you optimal, uniform results over the entire treatment area. 

How many treatments will I need? 

For the best results, ClearSilk is recommended as a series of 4-6 treatments spaced out 3-4 weeks apart. However, your skin therapist will be able to better assess your specific requirements on the day of your treatment. 

ClearSilk Options 


ClearSilk full face $300

ClearSilk face + neck $425 


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