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Intention Setting Series | The #SKINTOX Challenge

by Amanda Hlatky |

We are so happy to see that 2017’s wellness and beauty trends are leaning towards adding high nutrients versus limiting general intake.  Comparative to how we choose nutrient rich foods packed with minerals and anti-oxidants to detox our bodies and kick-start a healthier life-style; in order to adjust our skins behavior internal changes must take place.  To help you get the most out of our January #SKINTOX challenge I’ve rounded up some information that will assist in your understanding of the effects our digestive system has on our skin which in turn will your optimize success!


Why does our skin require internal detoxification?

To better understand the benefits of an internal detox for radiant skin, we must consider a few factors.  Think back to a time you were experiencing congestion (oiliness and blackheads), uneven skin tone and irritation (red and blotchy skin), or even a time when your skin felt tight and stretched.  Although we can make big strides on the skins appearance and overall health from progressive treatment and active skin care routines, all of these aforementioned symptoms stem from issues either rooted in our gut, an overload of sugar, or dehydration.  

Additionally, we need to factor in the best choices for our specific skin care routines based on our skin type. Traditionally detoxifying skin care is targeted towards oily and acneic skin, and although we can all experience these symptoms they do not denote our true skin type. We are not all suited to products that dry or draw from the skin making detoxifying topical ingredients only a short-term solution or worse, a long-term irritation for some.


Ingestible Beauty

Unfortunately for those obsessed with the ultimate glow, our skin is the last organ to benefit from nutrients taken into the body.  After our daily nourishment has been adequately distributed to our various vital organs, our skin is treated with the remainder.  Many of the anti-oxidants and omegas toted for their skin benefits are also beneficial to our other organs as well.  Of course they will still be of some benefit to the skin, but the whole aim of the #SKINTOX is to kick-start and immerse our selves in skin loving nutrients.  Finding and adding in those skin specific nutrients on top of the usual suspects is key!


Alkalinity and Food Pairing for Radiant Skin

We have heard a lot in recent years about internal alkalinity for disease control and optimal health.  The effect internal alkalinity has on the skin may be the most noticeable sign that this is a very powerful truth.  You may even find that you have a different skin type than what you had always believed once your body becomes more alkaline.  Oily skin quickly becomes clear and balanced, dull skin becomes more radiant, and dark circles are also eliminated. 

Some examples of Acid forming foods in our regular diets that compromise skins radiance:

  • Coffee
  • Dairy
  • Animal bi-products products
  • Gluten

Alcohol to ensure the negative effects of those acid-forming foods are not prominent in your complexion ensure to pair them with these alkaline forming foods when dining (do not pair two acid forming foods during your SKINTOX):

    • Leafy greens and other fibrous vegetables
      • Herbal Teas
      • Citrus (counterintuitive, however citrus is alkaline-forming within the body)

        Skin Tip: A glass of lemon water before meals will help alkalinize your meal



        Let Morning Rituals Be your Ally

        Our skin naturally repairs and enjoys the highest benefits of topical and internal skin applications while we sleep. However, science says that the first hour in the day is when our willpower is at its maximum.  We are more likely to stick to wellness rituals in the morning over any other time of day.  So take advantage!  Yes, we would love if you cared for your skin and wellbeing at the time when we most need it (after a hard days work out in the polluted world), but we get it.  It’s better to create consistency in our skin and self care routines than to skip it all together!


        Our SKINTOX Recommendations

        • Drink a combination of 2-3 Litres of Dr. Marisa's herbal beauty infusion tea and water per day for an internal beauty detox and hydration balancing
        • 1-2 scoops collagen powder for collagen renewal support
        • Incorporate 3 skin-boosting foods into our diet per day (we will be giving lots of hints throughout the month, so keep an eye on our social media platforms)
        • Swap out acidic coffee for herbal tea
        • Ditch the alcohol for this month
        • Dry brush or exfoliate your full body 3x per week for glow inducing circulation
        • Cut down on the sugar and dairy by following the celebrity praised 80/20 rule



        Our Top Topical Ingredient Recommendations To Support Your SKINTOX

        • Keep skin calm by keeping moisture levels up. Soothing and hydrating face masques will be your go-to ritual during this month
        • Subscribe to the same anti-oxidant treatments you use to enhance your physical well being; Vitamins A, C, and E in small topical doses are your best friends
        • Look for super food extracts green tea, raspberry, and Chlorella
        • Hydration, hydration, hydration! Hyaluronic Acid, Lipoic Acid, and Vitamin B3 help bind water molecules to the skin in record numbers while soothing and promoting anti-oxidant absorption
        • Apply generous doses of age defying facial oils as an overnight treatment several times per week. Skin regenerates best in the evening while we sleep while absorbing vital long chain lipids from anti-oxidant packed facial oils as well as balance hyperactive oil gland production in oilier skin types

        If you missed our #SKINTOX challenge details, you can find out more about how to set your intention towards glowing skin this month here

        Written by Clinical Skin Therapist Mara Jenkins


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