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5 Products to Heal a Damaged Moisture Barrier

by India Daykin |

Your skin is your largest organ, and one of its primary functions is to act as a barrier, protecting your body from the external environment. A critical part of this barrier is the moisture barrier, which helps your skin to retain moisture and prevent trans-epidermal water loss. However, factors like environmental stressors, harsh skincare products, and aging can damage this barrier and leave your skin feeling dry, tight, and susceptible to irritation. 

What is the moisture barrier?

The moisture barrier is a thin layer of lipids (fats) on the surface of your skin that helps to lock in hydration and prevent water loss. The barrier is composed of ceramides, cholesterol, and fatty acids, which work together to create a protective shield that helps to maintain skin hydration and prevent the penetration of irritants and allergens. 

A damaged barrier can lead to dry, flaky, irritated skin and acne. While our moisture barriers can weaken naturally with age, other factors, such as cold, winter weather, urban pollution, and overusing potent active ingredients or layering them incorrectly, can exacerbate it. 

How do we strengthen and heal our moisture barriers? 

To heal a damaged moisture barrier, you must prioritize a simple, soothing routine filled with gentle, nourishing ingredients. Here are five products to help you heal and reset. 

DMS Base Cream High Classic

This moisturizer is a cult favourite here at Glow. Anything but simple, High Classic is made of the same natural moisturizing factors as your skin barrier. Its unique liposomal delivery system hydrates the skin without clogging pores or contributing to sensitivity. 

Biologique Recherche Placenta Serum and Cream

These two Biologique Recherche products contain biomimetic placenta. This plant-derived ingredient mimics the composition of human placenta to provide the skin with all the elements it needs to regenerate. In addition to promoting epidermal restoration, this collection of products will soothe redness caused by skin inflammation. 

Biologique Recherche Masque Vernix

This ultra-healing leave-on cream mask uses a cocktail of active ingredients rich in lipids, proteins and antioxidant peptides to mimic the composition of the newborn’s vernix, also known as the first epidermal protective barrier at birth. 

Biologique Recherche Toleskin[C]

Available as a moisturizer or a sheet mask, Toleskin reduces sensitivity, itching sensations and discomfort. Its formula helps to restore the microbiome’s delicate balance of skin flora, which helps to create healthy, resilient skin. 

Shop all barrier-repairing products here.

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