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2023 Skincare Resolutions

by India Daykin |

Whether or not you are a fan of making resolutions, the start of a new year is an exciting time to reset and regroup. With party season coming to a close and winter in full swing, January is the perfect opportunity to set aside some time to work on your skin. Here are some ways we can help you make 2023 your most glowing yet.  

A Consistent, Efficacious Skincare Routine

There’s so much noise in the skincare space, and deciding which products are right for you can be overwhelming. That’s why we created our Skin Health Plan. For $50, our experts will create a treatment plan based on your unique needs and goals. The plan's cost is redeemable when you purchase $200 worth of products. From there, all you have to do is follow the program. No guesswork, just effective products that will help you achieve the skin you’ve always wanted.  

Commit to Seeing Results

You’ll see visible improvements after just one session for many of our services, but the real change comes from consistent visits. Our expertly-curated packages provide thoughtful combinations of Glow’s most results-oriented treatments to help you see big differences in your skin. However, sometimes you don’t want to pay for the full package up-front. That’s why we created memberships. Memberships give you access to package pricing on a convenient monthly automatic payment program, plus a host of other perks. We currently offer two memberships: Laser Facial and Oxygen Facial. Whichever route you choose, know that you’re one step closer to healthy, glowing skin.   

Embrace Vitamin A

Retinoids can be hard to love— the initial purging, flaking, and redness are enough to deter even the most enthusiastic skincare lover. However, our innovative retinaldehyde serums allow you to reap smooth, youthful rewards without the typically associated irritation. Click here to see the retinoids we love, and send us an email or pop by the clinic to chat about which one is best for your skin.  

A Fresh Slate

Need a system reboot? Halo Laser is the answer. This innovative hybrid laser sets the standard for laser resurfacing by delivering maximum results without the discomfort and downtime normally expected from fully ablative lasers. In addition to minimizing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and pores, Halo Laser can help decrease sun damage, stimulate the production of new and healthy collagen production, and reduce hormonal pigmentation like melasma. Click here to book a complimentary consultation to see if Halo Laser is right for you. 

Protect Your Investment

If you’ve never been one to wear sunscreen daily, 2023 is the year you should start. Aside from the risk of skin cancer, sun damage is the leading cause of visible signs of age. If you’ve invested in a skincare routine and professional treatments, it’s critical to support your progress by applying SPF daily, no matter the weather. We offer a range of formulas to suit every preference so that you can find one that you look forward to applying every morning. 

Ready to get started? Let’s chat! Send us an email, give us a call or swing by the clinic to have us help you create a game plan for achieving your best skin ever this year. 

Happy New Year!

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