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Alex Grant

"...from my very first treatment, my skin not only completely cleared up, but it honestly started glowing. I’m not a heavy makeup wearer ever, but now, I spend most days without any foundation or coverup on unless I’m shooting and I’ve never felt so free in my skin and proud of it. I honestly owe it all to Amanda’s advice, knowledge and skills."

"Amanda is incredibly compassionate and caring and it shows in her treatments. I have decided to book an appointment with her every month indefinitely. The difference in my skin is astounding and she helped me find the correct skin care regime for my skin that was far more cost effective. She is full of knowledge and always brings you up and makes you feel confident, while arming you with all the information you need." - Brenna

"Amanda is great! I initially went to see her for a consultation on how to minimize the appearance of pigmentation and acne scarring. Since then, I've had five sessions with her and now consider her my go-to skin specialist. I really appreciate her no-pressure approach and how she works with my needs, educates me on her suggestions and observes my progress to adjust treatment. I am happy to have found someone I trust." - Anna


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"OMG is was amazing. Maybe the best I ever had! If you haven't had a Biologique Recherche Facial from Hannah yet, YOU MUST! She is committed to the most luxurious BR experience."

Briana Buckmaster

via Google Reviews

I’ve been seeing Amanda at Glow for years. After I had my daughter I needed something that was just for me. My skin had changed so much with hormones and you know, AGING. Amanda and her whole team are intensely knowledgeable. They never push products or treatments on you, and yet they have completely changed my skin and my personal skincare knowledge. I’m eternally grateful to Glow for reminding me that as a woman we are allowed to age, and can do it gracefully while doing so in the realm of self care rather than feeling we need to look like an Instagram filter.